Types of Financing that Generate Business Growth

Economics drives our communities and governments. It is the gauge by which the strength of our nations is measured. Small and medium sized businesses generate needed revenue and jobs that keep the gears of society turning. They drive economic progress but sometimes have the need to find Doug Foshee company to generate growth and strengthen their ability to meet the need of their consumers.


Financing comes in many shapes and levels. Three main sectors that financing covers include start-ups, increasing stock, and maintaining business. Depending on the type of financing needed, will dictate the type of institution that the financing is acquired from.

Looking at the options that are available for small and medium businesses one can find a variety of ways to bankroll their needs at start up. Small Business Association Loans are always a viable option as are bank loans. Although these may pose an issue with the length of time before applications are accepted and the many dictates that govern getting the loans.

Start Ups

If the small or medium business owner has fallen short of their financial goals and has no other means to get the money they need to open their doors, they have other options. One such option is using a third party company and getting a line of credit extended. These lines of credit will typically look into the type of clientele or business that is to open.

Using future purchase orders and even existing inventory as a means to acquire necessary funds can open up a whole new realm of financing for the business. Especially if the business will be dealing with military or government contracts, third party lenders will be more open to extending the monies needed to get things started.

Inventory Loans

An inventory loans will use an existing product as the collateral for the loan. These loans will acquire needed inventory to expand business or cover existing orders. The third party will pay the cost for supplier product. The third party will then take over the invoice for that product and collect on it.

One of the benefits of this type of loan is that the third party will take responsibility for collections and monitoring payments for the loan. The final invoice is in the hands of the third party who extends the money for the products. The third party makes most of its money off of the fees it charges to the originating borrower.